Church of St Francis of Assisi

Church Bulletin 23 April 2017

Weekly Reflection

"The disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord."

John 20:19-31

Jesus showed himself to the disciples who were hiding in the Upper Room and the disciples rejoiced. Their Master had resurrected and he is there with them in body and soul. How can one not rejoice and rush out to proclaim this great news?

Today, we constantly check our surroundings for the presence of God. Wars - where is God? Famines - where is God? Poverty - where is God? Divorces - where is God? Accidents and early deaths - where is God? Where is God? God is in us and the people around us. Let us listen to the quiet and gentle voice of God within us and rejoice when we hear his voice. Let us rejoice when we see him in the people around us because he is there in the cry of a new-born, the smile of an elderly and the love of a married couple.